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Who is Consolidated Analytics Asset Management

Consolidated Asset Management (CAAM), is a provider of real estate marketing and management services for institutional property owners, banks, government entities, private equity firms and associated financial institutional firms (large and small). The company prepares and executes a customized disposition plan for each individual property via a rental or sale strategy in order to maximize the value of the asset. In addition the company also provides a set of comprehensive valuation products and rental diligence services.

CAAM offers a comprehensive suite of flexible outsourced solutions to minimize risk for institutional owners of real estate who are looking for a cost-effective way to manage and market their assets. CAAM helps clients create a variety of tailored property disposition solutions, including asset management oversight, retail and wholesale liquidations, property rental and management solutions, property evaluations, and short sale services. The company’s REO rental programs consistently deliver in terms of maintaining property values, creating positive cash flow, and enabling owners to benefit from future appreciation.

Expertise across multiple U.S. markets is combined with personalized local market presence and supported by a national network of real estate and property management professionals, as well as a proprietary software application that allows Consolidated to monitor and manage the assets in its care.

Our History and Vision

Established in 2006 to address challenges in the housing market through new strategies for managing REO assets, Consolidated Asset Management (CAAM) evolved from a property management company into a full-service REO asset management company focused on providing property-specific, customized solutions that maximize property value.

CAAM’s rental program specializing in Single Family Residential properties was launched in 2007 and selected in 2009 by a GSE as one of its primary vendors to manage their rental programs. In addition to our internal property management offices, CAM has a carefully-screened national network of active third-party property managers, and thousands of field services professionals who provide property preservation and repair services complemented by local market knowledge, presence and support. CAAM has extensive property management experience and monitors every step of the rental process utilizing a hybrid management approach that includes company owned branch offices and contracted affiliates.

CAAM has developed the specific skills, expertise and resources necessary to successfully provide property management services for large, geographically diverse portfolios over an extended period of time. CAAM has spent significant energy and resources to build and fine-tune the infrastructure and capabilities needed to ensure managed properties are appropriately maintained. Through its extensive network, national field staff, proprietary management software and its affiliate, CAAM maintains each property’s curb appeal as well as utility and ongoing maintenance needs.