Valuation clients have access to:

Quality Control
  • Products such as the BPO Plus and CMA include additional QC resulting from the analyst review. Although there is a clear focus on pricing and comp selection, including a comprehensive review of each agent comp and additional comps selected by the analyst, detailed reviews of repairs/condition, market/neighborhood characteristics, and agent photos is included. These reviews include consultation with the agent as required.
Increased Efficiency
  • Designed our products with the end user in mind. After years of experience handling reconciliation and escalation requests from default servicing departments and providing diligence services, we understand the importance of putting the right tool in the hand of a decision maker from the start. The goal is to improve operational performance and save time.
  • We have designed a suite of products that provide an analyst’s opinion and commentary along with supportive data and analytics to drive faster and more reliable decisions for key events in the life of a loan from secondary market diligence to setting a list price at REO.