Our Expertise

To make the most of what this market has to offer, rental owners need to have a trusted advisor in their court – someone who understands from real experience what needs to be done to preserve their assets and maximize their return. That’s precisely what they get when they turn to Consolidated Analytics Asset Management (CAAM).

CAAM, which entered the rental management business in 2007, was one of the first to develop an infrastructure for this asset class and has deep experience in managing various programs associated with rent, including deed-for-lease, tenant-in-place and rent-to-hold. That’s just one of the reasons we have been selected as the trusted advisor of government agencies, national banks and private investors alike.

Tenant safety and habitability is considered a high priority and our services include coordinating with tenants to obtain access entry to the property as needed, identifying any safety and habitability issues, obtaining bids for necessary repairs and managing the repair process with the vendor and tenant to ensure that work is completed in a professional manner.

Property management services include rent collections, delinquency and eviction processes, maintaining and preserving the property for the tenant and client, 24/7 tenant support for emergencies and inquiries, and lease close out and reconciliation – all with an underlying goal of minimizing vacancy and increasing cash flow for the client.